Necessary Gear

By Mike Rush


How far you’ve run and how fast you did it are vital pieces of information. The Garmin 25, a bestselling GPS model, tracks steps and provides GPS positioning all in one unit. It’s a must for anybody interested in general fitness.

Moisture-Wicking Apparel

Running apparel technology has grown into so much more than just basic “non-cotton” gear. Brooks Running carries a full line of moisture wicking apparel that keeps runners dry and looking good, too.

Non-Cotton Socks

Non-cotton socks are important to avoid blistering, prevent hot spots and help regulate the temperature of the feet. Bestselling running sock brands in the United States include Feetures and Balega.;

Shin Splint Support 

Whether the problem is shin splints, muscle strains or sprains, the Flexxline support can help. It’s also adjustable, putting pressure directly on the outside or inside of the leg.

Sports Bra

A supportive, well-fitting sports bra is a must have. The Juno sports bra from Moving Comfort gives the support and shape runners need—and it’s completely adjustable.


These memory foam-enhanced insoles mold to the shape of every runner’s foot, and the unique structure and shape of the product supports arches, helping to eliminate foot problems.

*All items on this page available from Rush Running Co., Bentonville, Fayetteville or Rogers.

The Right Shoe Solves Problems

By Mike Rush