1. BASECAMP X From Airstream, the people that designed America’s most iconic trailer, comes Basecamp X, packed with innovative features and accessories that increase departure angle and durability for more all-terrain use. See it for yourself at Crain RV (

2. InREACH EXPLORER  There’s some stuff you want and some stuff you need. Garmin’s satellite communicator is the latter, providing two-way communications to family and emergency services, plus mapping and weather features, cell signal or no cell signal.

3. MOAB 2 MID VENTILATOR BOOTS One of the most popular brands on the market, Merrell delivers lightweight comfort at a great price. The Ventilator model provides exceptional breathability without sacrificing durability; there’s also a waterproof version if you so require. Available in men’s and women’s models.

4. PORTABLE SOLAR CHARGER Whether hiking or climbing, every ounce of gear has to count. This number from Voltaic Systems comes in at just over one ounce, charges from sunlight and stores power in its internal battery. It’s ideal for keeping devices charged no matter where you are. 

5. PROMASTER DIVER  Look sharp and keep on schedule with this handsome men’s watch. Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology powers this watch by light—any light —so it never needs a battery. The Super Titanium™ case and bracelet stand up to whatever you and the outdoors can throw at them. Find it at Wilkerson Jewelers in Stuttgart. (

6. ATMOS AG 65 BACKPACK Best-in-class ventilation and body contouring puts Osprey’s Atmos on many Best Of lists, and more than its share of top rankings. Its smart design helps you shoulder the load in comfort, be it for a day or an extended trek.