My Kit

Photos By Novo Studio


Name: Emma Johnson
Hometown: Little Rock
Occupation: Student and cyclist

Where I ride: I love riding down at Big Dam Bridge and Two Rivers because I can get there easily and it feels like a safe place for me because there are so many people I see around that I know. My favorite type of riding is cyclocross because its just fun. Its like a big party and its always entertaining and messy.

The Playlist: I listen to music when mountain biking but not on the road. I like upbeat stuff because its catchy and it keeps me energized.

The Bike: My road bike is a Fuji. I have had it for almost a year now and I really like it. Its super light and a perfect fit for me with all the colors and patterns.

Why I ride: I ride because it makes me feel good. It takes away all the stress I have going on and I can just focus on the bike. Its also introduced me to some amazing people and they keep me motivated. It keeps me in shape and its something I really enjoy.


Name: Cory Johnson

Hometown: Little Rock

Occupation: Principal Broker for JK Real Estate

Where I ride: When I mountain bike, my favorite place to ride is Camp Robinson. It is a great compact trail system for a backyard playground. If I day trip, then the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail is epic! I try and hit it a few times a year. When road riding I like to combine gravel roads with bike paths around town or just outside of town as much as I can. Lake Sylvia and Winona have some amazing forest service road rides.

The Playlist: I do listen to music except when riding with someone else on a road ride. Usually ride to jam bands or Jazz-Funk music...keeps my pedals cranking.

The Bike: I have a Moots Routt for my gravel/road bike. Its an absolutely amazing bike. It makes me feel like going on an epic adventure ride every time I ride it. My mountain bike is currently a steel hardtail 27.5+ rig, but who knows next week or month what that will be. I trade in and out of mountain bikes way too much, but just like to be on the trails trying new options.

Why I ride: The freedom and simplicity and just being outside with people who have similar interests. Bikes are just cool!