Portable Kitchen Charcoal Grills and Smokers are well-known across the country for their quality and durability, so it was a sad day when they stopped production in the mid-70s. For years, owners guarded their beloved PK Grills, often passing them from parent to child, resulting in decades of use. In the late 90s, a resident of Little Rock fired up the grill once more, purchasing the name and again manufacturing the beloved grill.

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The Grill

The PK Grill is cast aluminum, making it rustproof, lightweight and an efficient conductor of heat. And the PK Grill isn’t just a grill—it’s a smoker, too.

The Grill Brush

When it’s all said and done, home chefs need a tool that will keep their grill clean as new. This brush’s bristles are made of hemp, so when a bristle is lost it simply burns up and fades away—instead of possibly contaminating food.

pizza stone.png
The Pizza Stone

This stone distributes heat and absorbs moisture, making for a gorgeous crust on homemade pizza.


BBQ thermometer.jpg
The Thermometer

This Tel-tru thermometer is accurate to +/- 1%, guaranteeing your meat stays at exactly the desired temperature.


The Tongs

Made with stainless-steel construction and durable hinging, a good set of tongs can grip the most delicate of vegetables or the thickest slabs of meat.

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