On The Hunt

Necessary gear from hunter, conservationist and outdoor mentor Freddie Black

By Zoë Rom


Ask Freddie Black how long he’s been hunting, and his answer is “since I was old enough to hold a gun.” In 2002, he was appointed commissioner of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission by Governor Mike Huckabee, vowing to protect the game that he enjoyed hunting. Freddie currently serves as chairman of the Arkansas Region for Simmons Bank and holds an annual dove hunt each year. “All of us hunters need to make sure we pass along our heritage, whether to our children or as a mentor to other children,” he says. 


The Knife

Gerber knives are made in the U.S., and are known for their quality and dependability. The Strongarm fixed-blade series provides durability, with serrations that make cutting through even the toughest gristle easy. 



Carrying Sustenance

When you’re going to be outside all day, it is important to pack snacks. Crackers provide easy carbs that are light and packable, and pair great with smoked summer sausage for heavy-duty, nutritionally dense sustenance. And of course, you’ll need some water to wash it all down, which is where Nalgene comes into play. Durable, easy to drink from and dishwasher-safe, the 32 oz. version is the perfect size for hunters. 



Glove Up

Things can get messy in the field, and when you’re up to your wrists in the day’s kill, protection is key. “I make sure I always have rubber gloves with me,” says Freddie. A basic pair of gloves like these from Hunters Specialties can make field dressing a snap.



Finest Firepower

Freddie uses a Winchester Model 70 .300 H&H to hunt, an elegant weapon with a traditional construction that is both simple and effective. Known as the “rifleman’s rifle,” this Winchester model is a timeless classic. “It’s an older rifle, but it’s dependable,” says Freddie, and such dependability is priceless. Various prices. 


Be Farsighted

Spotting prey is the first step in getting the kill, making a great pair of binoculars vital for Freddie Black. These Diamondback binoculars from Vortex Optics not only provide a great, clear image, they have a non-slip coating to ensure a solid grip in any outdoor situation.