Waterfowl Wizard

Dave Stratton of Arkansas Feathers loves the hunt

By Michael Roberts


Dave Stratton
Arkansas Feathers
Hometown: Stuttgart

How long have you been guiding?
Going on fifteen years, with guided and self-guided hunts in the Stuttgart area.

What inspired you to make a career out of being a guide?
I've hunted in that area since I was 17 or 18 years old. I just enjoy it so much. Iíve always wanted to be a guide, and try to stretch the season. I don't know anything else, so it's my life.

How many hunts do you guide in a typical season?
We do 45 or 50 guided hunts a season.

Are you strictly a guide for ducks?
We sometimes guide for specklebelly geese.

What’s your favorite choice of firearm on the hunt?
It may sound odd, but I shoot a 20 gauge. Iíve shot so many guns, but I like shooting 20 gauge. I probably own 50 guns but my favorite is a 3-inch Mossberg pump shotgun.  My son used to shoot, so I've just kind of stuck with it.

What’s the advantage of working with a guide for hunters?
Most guys, especially new hunters, are apprehensive about calling. Transportation back and forth to the blind is also an issue. Iíve found, though, that most people want someone with experience calling mostly. 

Who taught you most about guiding?
My dad. He was an old time waterfowl hunter in North Carolina. He used to take me out when I was a little kid. It's different hunting up there, but it's what made me fall in love with it at four and five years old.

For more information or to book your hunt with Dave Stratton and Arkansas Feathers, visit arkansasduckhunting.co or call 912-996-0398.