Childhood Dream

For Duxmen Outfitters Spencer Jeu, guiding is more than just a job

By: Michael Roberts  Photography: Courtesy Of Duxmen Outfitters

Spencer Jeu
Duxmen Outfitters
Guide Service & Lodge
Hometown: Jonesboro

How long have you been a guide?
I’ve been guiding since 2004. That’s the year my business partner, Zach Fahlberg, and I started Duxmen Outfitters.

What inspired you to make a career of being a guide?
I’ve wanted to make duck hunting my job since I was a kid. I started duck hunting with my father and my grandfather when I was four years old. Since then, duck hunting has been my passion. 

How many hunts do you guide in a typical season?
At Duxmen Lodge, we have customers every day except Thanksgiving, the day after Christmas and the last five days of the season. That comes out to about 53 days during the Arkansas duck season.

Are you strictly a duck hunting guide?
We guide for specks [specklebelly geese] during both the regular duck season as well as the first and second season split. We also guide for snow geese during the conservation order.

What’s your favorite gun choice on a hunt?
My all-time favorite gun is the Remington 870 because of its reliability. I also own and use a Benelli Super Black Eagle II, which is a great gun that holds up in every kind of weather condition and can stand up to the rugged life of a waterfowl guide.

What’s the advantage of working with a guide on a hunt as opposed to a hunter going it alone?
The advantage of using a guide service is that all the property hunted is private. That means the client won’t have to deal with the stress and headache of the public. Working with a guide also means the ability to hunt multiple spots in a hurry because we can adjust to where the birds are quickly. Going with an outfitter also means the client doesn’t have to waste time finding birds.

What is it about Duxmen Outfitters & Lodge that you feel makes it unique?
Duxmen Outfitters is unique because we don’t just look at our customers as a dollar sign; we want to get to know people and build a relationship so they’ll want to come back. Taking care of the client and giving them the best waterfowl experience sets us apart.

What advice do you have for hunters going on their first guided hunt?
It’s a trust issue. The client must feel the outfitter isn’t lying to them or just blowing smoke. Ask questions, because that will make the outfitter explain themselves and make sure there are no contradictions. A good outfitter is going to work to make sure the customer has a successful hunt, but sometimes it doesn’t go that way when you are hunting a wild animal. Clients should trust their guide’s decisions, because the outfitter is the one who knows the area and how the birds move. 

Who taught you the most about guiding?
I really wasn’t taught how to guide, but I learned how to hunt and be successful from my father and grandfather. Those two men taught me to respect the outdoors and be thankful for every moment I get to spend outside. They also taught me how to speak to others and be respectful to others, something that is very important in business.

To set up your all-inclusive hunt with Spencer, call 501-944-8007 or 870-897-3006. Visit for details on rates, season dates and more.