Cooler temps and brilliant fall colors make autumn the ideal time to get into a stream. Here’s some gear to bring along, as recommended by Little Red Fly Fishing Guide Service 

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Temple Fork ( Ross ( and Sage ( are all solid choices for beginners and experienced fly fishers alike. Try a five-weight, 8.5 or 9-foot rod as a good all-around rod. 


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Breathable waders provide more comfort for year-around use; neoprene gets mighty hot in the summer. Look for Simms models to provide comfort and reliability in all types of weather.

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For a sure foot and all day comfort, choose Korkers. These boots are lightweight, durable and feature interchangeable soles to let you adjust to match the fishing conditions.




No fishing ensemble is complete with out a vest to help tote your gear and keep it handy. Umpqua’s Swiftwater ZS Tech Vest provides maximum capacity in a durable, minimalist design.


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Sometimes a forgotten item, polarized sunglasses can make a great deal of difference in the success and comfort of a trout fishing adventure. Choose Cocoons,  designed to go directly over your prescription eyeglasses. The copper lens models fit all weather conditions, from bright sunlight to cloudy days.


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Make sure your reel can handle the big ones that come along. The Orvis Battenkill Disk ( reel is a good choice because of its durability, performance, mid-arbor design and price.


Be sure to check out your local outfitter for these products.