A top 10 of long arms that get your limit, year after year. Look for them at your favorite retailer.



1. The Tradition Lives
Winchester’s rifle standard-bearer is the Model 70, introduced in 1936. Known as the Rifleman’s Rifle, its descendants, like 2019’s Featherweight, are still coveted for comfort and smooth operation. (winchesterguns.com

2. Long Live the King
Many gun experts regard the Remington 700 as the best bolt-action rifle ever created, and it’s hard to argue. More than 5 million have been made since 1962 and it’s still going strong.  (remington.com)

3. The Lady’s a Champ
Designed by women for women, the Mark V Camilla Ultra Lightweight is incredibly comfortable and weighs in at just 6 pounds. It’s how mama brings home the bacon. (weatherby.com)

4. Custom Fit
Browning’s X-Bolt Max Long Range delivers comfort and accuracy at a price you won’t believe. An adjustable comb, two spacers and pistol grip help put your slugs where they belong from far, far away. (browning.com)

5. Value for the Money
An overachiever for the price, the Savage 110 High Country shed heft thanks to a spiral fluted barrel and bolt. The whole kit weighs between 8.1 and 8.5 pounds, depending on caliber. (savagearms.com)



1. Beauty is a Beast
The hump is back! Browning resurrected the iconic humpback profile for today’s A5, but beyond that, the gun is completely updated for the modern hunter, from super-fast cycling to reduced weight. (browning.com)

2. Extreme Weatherproof 
Beretta’s A400 features a self-cleaning piston and easy break-down for maintenance. The A400 Xtreme comes protected by Aqua technology, making all internal and external components extremely durable. (beretta.com)

3. Meat & Potatoes
Mossberg 500s have been a favorite for nearly 60 years, and the reason is simple: What it lacks in flash, it more than makes up for in reliability and price. You want frills? Put on a petticoat, sailor. (mossberg.com)

4. American Icon
Another scattergun standard-bearer is the Remington 870. Introduced in 1951, it’s still one of the most popular guns ever because of smooth action and sturdy feel. Ten million 870 owners can’t be wrong. (remington.com)

5. The Terminator
Benelli invented the underlying technology that allowed semi-autos to perform reliably in harsh weather. Times have changed, but the Super Black Eagle keeps knocking ‘em dead, critics and waterfowl alike. (benelliusa.com)

Photography: Courtesy of vendors