Kayak fishermen are a growing niche in the paddle world

By Michael Roberts

Sure, a kayak makes for the perfect platform when it comes to battling Arkansas’ excellent whitewater, but the small boats also make for an easily-transported way to catch a few fish. Looking to outfit your kayak? We talked with the fishing experts over at Fish N Stuff in Sherwood for gear recommendations. Family owned since 1987, the store has thrived under manager Jacob Perkins. “We just want to help you catch fish, and have a lot of fun in the process,” says Jacob. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:

Warm and Dry

For a light jacket that provides protection from both wind and damp, look no further than the i5 Crosswind. Won’t hold water, so it will never weigh you down!


J-Braid Line.jpg
Lined Up Right

Available in a variety of test weights and colors, J-Braid is top-notch when it comes to line. After all, getting them on the hook is just the first step.

Lure Them In

With Norman Lures line of crankbaits, spinnerbaits and jigs, there’s no fish you can’t catch. Best of all, they are 100-percent “Made in the U.S.A.”

opinel knife.jpg
Tackle Anything

The Plano FTO Elite series of small tackle boxes are perfect for the limited space available to the kayak fisherman, and come in different styles for various types of lures.

Legendary Reputation

Looking to invest in a rod that will potentially last a lifetime? Falcon is the name. Check out their new-for-2017 BuCoo SR series and discover unparalleled strength in a lightweight package.

Utter Triumph

The Triumph 13 Angler from Perception Kayaks is the ultimate in kayak angling perfection. Fast, agile and built with the kayak fisherman in mind, you’ll be reeling them in as quick as you can get your bait in the water.

Be sure to check out your local outfitter for these products.