THE KIT: Grady Spann

Photo by Novo Studi


NAME: Grady Spann, Mountain View

OCCUPATION: Director, Arkansas State Parks

WHERE I RIDE: “I like to ride Enders Fault at Woolly Hollow State Park [near Greenbrier] and Iron Mountain [near Arkadelphia.]”

THE PLAYLIST: “I have a very eclectic playlist from Brazilian to blues to rock and roll.”

THE BIKE: “I prefer GT and Orbea, although Santa Cruz and a Yeti are fine too.”

WHY I RIDE: “I’m a long time surfer who has discovered the joy of surfing land based waves (mountains bike trails). The feeling of pedaling uphill, then dropping a gravity cavity and flow trails with berms is a lot like surfing. Mountain biking is related to life in general—solid foundation, flexible, balanced, good decisions, ready for any situation, stability, ever changing and always looking to the future. In the end, it is just fun, you’re in the moment, you have to focus, it is relaxing—and dropping a major downhill is always worth the pain of the climb. You get what you pay for.”



1. THE HELMET: “I wear a Bell Helmet when I ride,” says Grady, preferring the superior design on Arkansas’ rugged trails.

2. THE GLOVES: “These Hand Up gloves are best for grabbin’ both bars and beers on and off the trail.”
$28 |

3. HYDRATION: “To keep cool out on the trail, I swear by the toughness of an Osprey Hydration Pack.”
$140 |

4. THE JERSEY: “I’m wearing an official Arkansas State Parks jersey by Primal.”
$100 |