We asked Bruce Stanton, vice president and general manager of Pradco’s Fishing Division, for his secret weapons. Check them out online ( or at your favorite retailer.


1. Yum Dinger  
“A heavily salted stick worm, it sinks slowly. It’s a great lure for prespawn, spawn and postspawn. You can rig it weightless with a 5/0 hook, you can put it on a jighead with a 4/0 hook or you can Carolina rig it. It’s such a versatile lure.”

2. Rebel P60 Pop-R
“Postspawn all the way through the fall, when you’re throwing topwater you need a topwater Pop-R. Just kind of fluttering along the surface. Got a little dressed treble hook on it. Anybody can use a poppin’ bait.”

3. Rebel Crickhopper
“An ultralight lure you’d use on 4- or 6-pound test line. Spin it out somewhere between 5½ and 6½ feet. Throw it on the water like a grasshopper, kind of twitch it along and the old smallmouth will come up and hit it. A great dual-purpose lure, especially in the Ozarks and Ouachitas.”

4. Heddon X9236 Super Spook Junior
“A 3½ inch version of the original Zara Spook, it’s a walk-the-dog bait, just the perfect size for the Arkansas River catching white bass, stripers, largemouth, spotted bass. Postspawn, May through usually late October to early November, you can throw that on top all the time.”

5. Rebel F77 Crawfish
“Probably my personal favorite. It’s one of those Rebel lures we say is the closest thing to a fish-catching guarantee because it looks just like a real crawfish. It swims just like a real crawfish. You just throw it out, reel it in and it catches fish.”

Photography: Courtesy of vendors