MY Kit: Kenny Gober

NAME: Kenny Gober

Hometown: McGehee, Arkansas

Occupation: Executive Housing Director/Executive Port Director

Where I ride: I try to ride on a daily basis in Southeast Arkansas, as we have many paved rural roads and all the major highways, such as 65, have good wide shoulders. Cane Creek State Park has great off road trails. The new Delta Heritage Trailhead in Arkansas City provides beautiful scenery and great riding heading north. In some places, you can even see the mighty Mississippi River. I love to participate in all the charity rides around the State. 

The Playlist: I don’t typically listen to music while riding as I enjoy listening to the smooth operation of my bicycle when it’s in good tune. I think it’s better to be able to hear vehicles approaching from behind when riding on public roads.

The Bike: I have several. My daily rider is a Lynskey Helix. For organized events, I have a Cervelo S3, while for overnight camping and multi-day tours when we carry our gear, I ride a Surly Long Haul Trucker. This is the bike I also use to pull my trailer when my dog (Charlie) wants to go for a ride. For off-road, a Jamis 29’er. Then for good ole playing around nothing beats the simplicity of my Jamis Sputnik single-speed. As you can see, I believe the proper number of bicycles to own is N + 1.

Why I ride: I started riding for weight loss many years ago after being encouraged by a friend, Steve Montgomery. Later, I realized the added benefits to my cardiovascular system and discovered the stress relief that cycling brings. Now I just love to get on the bike, enjoy the beauty God made and see how fast I can ride. 2017-09-14 14-23-59.png


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