Whether you love nature and the environment, need to get away from it all, want to bond with people you love or feel the thrill of something tugging on your line (or being tugged on a line), fishing and boating provide fun for families, friends, adults and kids.

The McClendon family knows. The family owned MonArk Boat Company and produced thousands of recreational boats over many years. After selling the company in 1988, SeaArk Boats was created in 1992 and the family re-entered the recreational boat market. The company's focus was on all-welded, heavy duty aluminum Jon boats, and in 1994, it announced the introduction of the "world's largest Jon boat" at 24-feet-long with a 72-inch bottom. Today, SeaArk Boats builds many different models for work and recreation, including bass, crappie and catfishing boats, mud boats, bay boats and duck boats as well as basic Jons, tunnel hulls and sport jet models.

If family fun and fishing is what you are looking to accomplish, SeaArk has two boat models built just for that. The Easy 200 series offer durability while featuring options that allow for fishing, skiing or spending a lazy day on the lake. Both models feature large livewells and lots of storage for rods and gear as well as lounge seats, a removable table and fishing decks. The 15 degree V-Hull also gives a smooth ride in heavy chop to ensure a comfortable day on the lake. 

"We have a Big Easy, and we are pretty happy," says Brown C., an Easy 200 Series boat owner. "I can fish at night and go tubing and skiing during the day. There is plenty of storage and room to lie down when the fishing is slow or haul eight people around on the water when we do any recreational boating."


Photos courtesy of Seaark Boats

Photos courtesy of Seaark Boats

SeaArk Boats focuses on quality workmanship and continually works to provide customers with models they can customize with a long list of options and accessories to fit their needs. SeaArk also features an excellent warranty, one of the best offered among aluminum boat companies, and with more than 52 years of experience in boat building, SeaArk can offer a quality product built with a family's promise to stand behind it. In fact, the company is now under the leadership of Robin McClendon, (daughter of MonArk Boat Company founder, Zach McClendon, Jr.) who is the third generation of the family to build all-welded aluminum fishing boats.  

"There are no other boats built like the SeaArk Big Easy and Easy 200," says Steve Henderson, vice president of sales for SeaArk Boats. "These models are constructed with all of the amenities to accommodate the serious sportsman and include all of the features for a nice relaxing day on the water. As with all of the SeaArk products, the Easys are built tough with heavy gauge aluminum to help withstand abuse, a 3/16" extruded center keel for added strength needed when docking on land, and oversized cap rails for side strength. The cap rails also include an accessory track that adapts to the many accessories that SeaArk offers such as rod holders, cutting boards, tree grabbers and many other items."

Get your family and friends together to wet a line or just relax on one of Arkansas' many lakes, rivers and streams. For more information on recreational boating and boat options, visit SeaArk Boats at seaarkboats.com, call 870-367-5317 or like on Facebook at SeaArkBoats.