Duck Dog Essentials

Taylor Denniston of Fort Thompson Sporting Goods shares his top picks for keeping dogs safe, warm and ready to hunt

All items available at Fort Thompson Sporting Goods.



"This collapsible Mud River Renegade bowl is easy to pack and store.”


Field style

“There are a ton of vests out there, but my dad uses the Rig'em Right Bloodline Dog Vest.”


Protect your investment

“Keeping your kennel covered not only keeps your dog warm, it protects the kennel from wear from the elements. A lot of people like this Ducks Unlimited kennel cover by Mud River.”



Easy clean

“They make these Mud River Two-Barrel seat covers in camo and brown. They’re great for keeping your seats clean when your dog is wet and muddy after a hunt, or any other time.”



They’ll never see you coming

“If you’re in a less covered area, the MOmarsh Invisilab dog blind lets hunters set up and still be hidden with their dog.” 

Be sure to check out your local outfitter for these products.