My Kit - Josh Milton

Photo By Novo Studio

NAME: Josh Milton, Bella Vista

OCCUPATION: General Manager for all GPP Cycling shops in northwest Arkansas

WHERE I RIDE: “I live in Bella Vista, so the Back 40 [Loop] and Blowing Springs [Park and Trails] are my go-to. You can also spot me on the Lake Atalanta trails in downtown Rogers lately.”

RIDE PLAYLIST: “If I do listen to music, and depending on the mood, I go withGenghis Tron or Crystal Castles for the more high energy/high power output rides, and something like James Blake or The National on the calmer rides.”

THE BIKE: “My favorite is the Lynskey Titanium single speed mountain bike, all custom from frame up. It’s simple and clean. I also ride a BMC ALR01 road bike.”

WHY I RIDE: “Cycling has evolved in my life, although some things have stayed the same—like the freedom it provides. When I was a kid, the whole world revolved around bikes. We didn’t realize we were establishing a lifelong habit that I have now passed down to my children. 

Now it provides a mental sanctuary from adulting. You can ride as lightheartedly or intensely as you want—depending on your mindset at the time. I started more serious riding as an adult on a mountain bike, my first love. Mountain biking demands full situational awareness to minimize injury, it’s technical and intense, so it allows you to forget the rest of the world and focus on the moment. 

Later in life I found that most of the people winning mountain bike races spent half of their time on road bikes. So I reluctantly tried it out. I now love and appreciate road cycling too. The road ride is quiet and non-technical. Open road allows you to process things in life and focus on where you are physically.”


1. FLASHY FOOTWEAR: For durability and style that can stand up to any terrain, “I’m not without my Sidi Dragons.”
$400 |

2. GREAT GLOVES: “I prefer full-finger leather gloves.”—like these Giro LX’s, made to match the size and shape of a rider’s hand.
$50-80 |

3. HOT HELMET: “I use the Giro Atmos,” a helmet designed for both ventilation and reliable protection.
$140 |

4. TOTAL TUBES: “Never knowing when a flat might strike, ‘a 29’ tube and 2 16-gram CO2 chargers are a vital part of the kit, along with one Blackburn air chuck and a Stans valve core tool.”
Various Prices |

5. PROPER TOOL: For quick fixes on the road, “I’ve got my Ascent Bare Bones Multi-tool.” 
$10 |

6. THE JERSEY: “I’ve got on a Giro Roust mountain-biking jersey. I also always carry some cash, my license, my insurance card and a pocket knife, too.”
$60 |

My Kit - Grady Spann

Photo By Novo Studio

NAME: Grady Spann, Mountain View

OCCUPATION: Director, Arkansas State Parks

WHERE I RIDE: “I like to ride Enders Fault at Woolly Hollow State Park [near Greenbrier] and Iron Mountain [near Arkadelphia.]”

THE PLAYLIST: “I have a very eclectic playlist from Brazilian to blues to rock and roll.”

THE BIKE: “I prefer GT and Orbea, although Santa Cruz and a Yeti are fine too.”

WHY I RIDE: “I’m a long time surfer who has discovered the joy of surfing land based waves (mountains bike trails). The feeling of pedaling uphill, then dropping a gravity cavity and flow trails with berms is a lot like surfing. Mountain biking is related to life in general—solid foundation, flexible, balanced, good decisions, ready for any situation, stability, ever changing and always looking to the future. In the end, it is just fun, you’re in the moment, you have to focus, it is relaxing—and dropping a major downhill is always worth the pain of the climb. You get what you pay for.”




1. THE HELMET: “I wear a Bell Helmet when I ride,” says Grady, preferring the superior design on Arkansas’ rugged trails.

2. THE GLOVES: “These Hand Up gloves are best for grabbin’ both bars and beers on and off the trail.”
$28 |

3. HYDRATION: “To keep cool out on the trail, I swear by the toughness of an Osprey Hydration Pack.”
$140 |

4. THE JERSEY: “I’m wearing an official Arkansas State Parks jersey by Primal.”
$100 |